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Museum (atrium)
DETAIL: Museum (atrium)
Museum (visitor)
DETAIL: Museum (visitor)
Museum (sanctuary)
DETAIL: Museum (sanctuary)
Museum (khamseen)
Detail: Museum (khamseen)
Museum (after the storm)
Museum (outpost)
Museum (sitting room)

The Museum series shown here, like my Gallery view series (at the end of the work shown under the Work: 1976 - 2013 heading) is part of my ongoing exploration of the visual culture of museums. It is partly a response to the visual parallels I see between empty galleries and sacred spaces, particularly religious sanctuaries. I am intrigued by environments created to foster contemplation, whether for the purposes of inspecting artworks or spiritual introspection. Specific parallels between the two kinds of spaces are now recurring topics for me: interiors so large they dwarf visitors, the uses of natural and artificial light, and the articulation of architectural expanses to guide a visitor's attention.

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